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21st Jul 2015 - 18:30

In these times of challenge and transition, what role do our inner lives play in social activism? Are the next generation bringing prayer and action...

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As someone who was raised in Northern Ireland for 15 years, I have been following this week’s royal visit to the Republic with particularly close attention, interest and hope. The blog below is written with an awareness that perspectives remain diverse, and often fraught on the numerous, complex and often harrowing issues of Northern Ireland, the Republic and Britain’s involvement with both.  I see this week as an optimistic sign of public reconciliation, with a caution that there remains much work to be done. 

This week saw a historic meeting for Anglo-Irish relations:...

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Conflict coaching is a highly effective intervention suitable for workplace or personal conflicts. Coaching prevents tensions and differences from escalating, and empowers individuals to understand and resolve conflict effectively. Email angharad@stethelburgas.org for more information about upcoming courses. 

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