We help people build relationships
across divisions of conflict, culture and religion

Conflict coaching course

17 November : start of our three day course

continued Tue 18 Nov and Mon 15 Dec. All from 10am - 5pm in The Tent.
This certificated course for personal or organisational conflict, is aimed at those with some prior coaching, counselling or 1:1 experience who are looking to add an effective new tool to their toolkit.

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What's new

Like many others, we have been thinking about how we can take the learning, connections and inspiration from the New Story Summit forward. Having digested the elements of learning to do with conference process, Debbie Warrener (who ran our summit hub), myself and others at St Ethelburga’s will be offering a post-NSS experiment. Our aim is to bring people together to harvest what we have learned about designing emergent process.

Creating a new story means making space for the unknown. The Summit showed...

Upcoming events

10th Jan 2015 - 19:30

Vibrant musical traditions from Peru!

15th Jan 2015 - 11:00

A multi-disciplinary day workshop exploring how theoretical ideas about dialogue can be applied to create powerful new forms of communication and learning...