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Walk for Peace

21 September : The Ethelburga Walk

The Ethelburga Walk is a great day out for a good cause.Regents CanalIt’s a ten mile walk linking two historic sites associated with St Ethelburga of Barking - Barking Abbey and St Ethelburga's Centre. It runs through an intriguing part of East London, mostly through green spaces and along canal towpaths, avoiding roads.

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It is somewhat surreal sitting in a café in North London writing this last journal letter about an incredible year. It seems about five years ago we were sitting in Woodbrooke during our induction last August, and yet it could also be five minutes. This letter contains reflections on my experiences, emerging thoughts about the nature of peace and my next steps over the coming year!

Since Easter one of the highlights of my work has been running the Conflict Resilience public training programme at St Ethelburga’s with a number of co-facilitators, including Marianne Zeck, and Ben...

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8th Sep 2014 - 10:00

*This event is now being held on November 17 (amalgamated with another conflict coaching workshop)*
A certificated three-day training course in...

13th Sep 2014 - 19:30

A journey to discover traditional music from all over Europe!