We help people build relationships
across divisions of conflict, culture and religion

Upcoming events

13th Feb 2016 - 19:30

Pizzica - the folk dance of Salento - comes to St Ethelburga's on the eve of Valentine's Day!

17th Feb 2016 - 18:30

How can alternative finance and exchange build community, prosperity, equality and peace? What are the possibilities for alternative models that are more...


Justine Huxley digests some of the applications for the new spiritual ecology programme and reflects on young people hearing the call to gather and to take action in service to the Earth.  

Camped on my sofa early on a Sunday morning, with weak winter sunlight streaming through the windows.  Listening to the tiny tinkle of bird seed against the glass, as the blue...

What's New?

Recruiting now - Digital Media Intern!

We are looking to recruit a resourceful and enthusiastic intern to help with:

  • - Publicity design, website, social media and images and written publications (30%);
  • - Supporting the Director with research, logistics and admin (40%);
  • - Getting involved in our projects and team (30%). 

Interested? Read more and APPLY NOW...


No Wealth But Life - Is Sharing Resources the Key to Peace?

All around the world, business, sharing and social value are coming together in new and exciting ways that break the mould of traditional economics. 

We are exploring these models from the perspective of peace, and are bringing practitioners of the sharing economy together with community builders, peace-makers and interfaith practitioners in a lively learning experience.   

Read more and take part...