'It proved to me again the power of music, and the power of peace.'

30th Jul 2015 - 18:02 -- Angharad Thain

Thanks to Wendy Reif for this blog on Mudibu's recent album launch at the Centre, in conjunction with Celebrate Life Events.

In the heart of London’s business district, surrounded by gleaming sky scrapers and noisy machines creating new additions to the already crowded skyline, is a secret gem of calm and medieval beauty. This is St Ethelburga’s, London’s Centre of Reconciliation and Peace, and on a warm July evening a crowd is starting to gather in the flower-filled courtyard to attend a special event dedicated to peace and peacemakers past and present.

Acts of symbolism: brave and important-but not enough

22nd May 2015 - 17:45 -- Angharad Thain

As someone who was raised in Northern Ireland for 15 years, I have been following this week’s royal visit to the Republic with particularly close attention, interest and hope. The blog below is written with an awareness that perspectives remain diverse, and often fraught on the numerous, complex and often harrowing issues of Northern Ireland, the Republic and Britain’s involvement with both.  I see this week as an optimistic sign of public reconciliation, with a caution that there remains much work to be done. 

Our Friends for Change Beyond Belief festival

21st May 2015 - 12:40 -- Justine Huxley

Our recent interfaith festival in association with Shinyo-en recieved coverage in the Jewish News!

"With the young adults developing positive friendships across different faith communities, their passion and energy has been palpable – all culminating in an impressive festival that took place on Sunday, attended by more than 100 members of the public!

Regardless of what faith background you come from Friends for Change is open to all young adults, providing the opportunity to nurture leadership qualities to bring about future action."

Calls to continue the dialogue in this fragile time

22nd Apr 2015 - 18:53 -- Angharad Thain

St Ethelburgas has been working to support Rodeemos el Dialogo (surrounding the dialogues), a small and committed organisation working to raise awareness about the power of dialogue in the Colombian peace process.  The group are based in both the UK and in Colombia. You can find more information about ReD on their website.