Warriors of dark times: Finding the courage to act

22nd Nov 2015 - 22:47 -- Justine Huxley

Looking back over events of the last few weeks  – the ever-growing river of refugees fleeing countries in collapse; the senseless deaths in Paris, Beirut, Kenya, Mali; and the fires burning in Indonesia that have been labelled an ‘eco-apocalypse’   – it is not surprising that questions about hope for our future hang thickly in the air. 

Pitch your tent in the future: New spaces for a new spirit

7th Nov 2015 - 16:42 -- Justine Huxley

Where do you personally find spiritual nourishment, meaning and community?  How does that nourishment feed your action in the world?  How will we connect with that nourishment twenty or fifty years into the future?  And what is the relevance of tents, caves and shelters for the homeless?   Justine Huxley reflects on drinking from the source in a changing world.